Feed makes significant impact on performance of the layers. Further, high proportion of the total cost is contributed by the feed. Proper feeding is needed to maximize profit, to obtain proper weight relevant to the growth stage of the animal, to start laying eggs at proper age and to increase the productive period of the layers to obtain higher egg production.

Production cost of an egg is increased with use of expensive feed. So it reduces ultimate profit to the farmer and profit goes to feed producer only. Feed manufactured without quality standards results diseases, reduces egg production, reduces productive period of the layer and quality of eggs. Poor quality eggs will generate low price. In such a scenario, proper feed selection is needed to reduce the production cost of an egg, to protect layers from diseases and to obtain good quality eggs.

Super Feed (Pvt) Ltd. produces various feed rations which meet the nutrient requirement of the different growth stages of the animals. In addition to protein and energy, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, coccidiostat and mycotoxin binders are also included in the feed.

Chick Crumbles – Day 1 to 8 Weeks 
Growers Crumbles – 8 Weeks to 20 Weeks 
Growers Mash – 8 Weeks to 20 Weeks 
Layers Mash 1 – For Second Laying Period
Layers Mash 2 – For First Laying Period 
Layers Pallets – For Laying Period