• Our Laboratory

    A highly sophisticated and well equipped laboratory to check the quality of incoming raw materials and outgoing feed products. Our laboratory row material and finish product testing result help to make well quality controlled products for our customers.

  • Grain processing

    We have several sets of different grinders which process grains to the required particle size depending on the requirement of the different feeds. This includes vertical and horizontal grinders, pulverizes etc.

  • Feed mixing

    Our main mixer is a double shaft paddle mixer with the capacity of 2MT per batch & CV of less than 5. The mixing time of this mixer is 30 seconds.

  • Pelleting

    Our pelleting system comprises of two pellet mills including double jacket three tire machine specially to produce prawn feed stable under water. Using these machines we can produce pellets sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm.

  • Extrusion

    This machine is capable of Soya bean extrusion and producing prawn feed and dog food.

  • Vitamin preparation

    We have set of machines specially installed to produce vitamin and mineral premix