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In 1990 began a mash feed business by combining university education knowledge to industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have made most of opportunities for nearly 30 years and grown from a regional small feed business to a leader in Animal Nutrition and Island wide premier in feed processing.

Over the last several years we transform Super Feed, today we are a leading Sri Lankan Animal Nutrition & a premier Feed Company. Our breath, depth & insight, Facilities & expertise give an unparalleled capabilities to meet needs for modern animal feed processing within mind the health and wellness of Animals and the profits for the customers.


Our Company Growth with the time…


1990  Mash Layer Feed
1995 Mash Cattle Feed
1999 New factory in Edanduwawa Mawanella
2002 Launch Pelleting Machine
2003 Automated one Line operation with additional pellet machines
2010 Second Automated Line with pellet machines
2014 Fish Feed Line
2018 Additional Pelleting Line
2020 Companion Animal Feed production