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Minerals Mix



Available Pack size: 1Kg

We produce two types of Mineral supplements for Ruminants as SUPERPLUS and MINERAL PLUS.

Super Plus Mineral Plus
Calcium 20% (Max) 18% (Max)
Phosphorus 9% (Min) 7% (Min)
Salt 27% (Min) 12% (Min)
Magnesium 0.5% (Min) 1% (Min)
Manganese 0.15% (Min)
Ferrous 0.02% (Min)
Zinc 0.38% (Min) 0.6% (Min)
Copper 0.02% (Min) 0.1% (Min)
Selenium 0.0065% (Min) 0.0025% (Min)
Iodine 0.0034% (Min)
Cobalt 0.0009% (Min) 0.0025% (Min)
Sulphur 1.5% (Min) 1.5% (Min)


SUPEEER PLUS is more suitable for Cattle who consumes more rouphages. MINERAL plus is suitable for cattle consuming concentrates together with rouphages and for small ruminants like goats.