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Vitamin Premix



We produced Vitamin/ Mineral Premix for Layer Feeds, Broiler Feeds and Breeder Feeds with our 30 years of premix production experience for our own feed. Our objective is to maximize benefit for the user in the form of higher production and diseases control. Both products are in two equal packs of 15Kg each having Mineral and Vitamins supplied separately to prevent interaction and vitamin deterioration.

For Layers For Broilers For Breeders
Vitamin A 11.95MIU 12.00MIU 15.00MIU
Vitamin D 3 1.5MIU 3.75MIU 4.00MIU
Vitamin E 25g 55g 75g
Vitamin K 3 0.97g 2.37g 3.90g
Vitamin B 1 1.2g 3.9g 2.20g
Vitamin B 2 4.98g 6g 12g
Vitamin B 6 1.96g 3.40g 11.00g
Vitamin B 12 16mg 15mg 25mg
Vitamin  C 2.92g 24.5g 60.00g
Folic Acid 0.56g 1.19g 1.60g
Nicotinic Acid 19.5g 40g 47.00g
Pantothenic Acid 7.82g 11.7g 14.50g
Biotin 22mg 220mg 400mg
Antioxidant 125g 125g 125g
Ferrous 600mg 1.50g 38.00g
Manganese 17g 47g 47g
Zinc 34g 30g 45g
Copper 5.00g 2.70g 6.50g
Selenium 129mg 270mg 270mg
Iodine 169mg 500mg 1800mg
Choline 300mg 500g 600g
Cobalt 100mg