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Super Stress Pack



Available Pack size: 100g, 1Kg

Requirement of Vitamins varies from Animal Species to species. Super Stress pack is produce to prevent Vitamins deficiency in most food producing animals. Stress due to diseases, vaccination, changes in environment temperatures, changes in feed, transportation of Animals and high production can be prevented by Super Stress pack. Super Stress pack is composed on only vitamins and no minerals. Therefore the interaction between Vitamins is Minimum.


Feed Compositions 
Vitamin A 15000000IU
Vitamin D 3 1500000IU
Vitamin E 50000mg
Vitamin C 80000mg
Vitamin K 3 2500mg
Vitamin B 1 2000mg
Vitamin B 2 6250mg
Vitamin B 6 800mg
Vitamin B 12 12mg
Biotin 10mg
Folic Acid 450mg
Nicotinic Acid 20000mg
Pantothenic Acid 8000mg